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Academia: Miscellaneous: Community Colleges
Academia: Miscellaneous: Scholarships
Academia: Miscellaneous: Women's Colleges
Academia: Subjects/Disciplines: American Studies
Academia: Subjects/Disciplines: Political Science
Albums: Bareilles, Sara: Little Voice
Albums: Duffy: Rockferry
Animation: Short Films: Lorax, The
Arts & Design: Movements and Schools: Dada
Calendar Events: Name Days
Companies: Barnes & Noble
Companies: Whole Foods
Fashion/Beauty: Accessories: Necklaces: Claddagh
Food/Drinks: General: Food: Organic
Games: Board/Card: Apples to Apples
History/Royalty: Civilizations & Societies: History of Ireland
Hobbies & Recreation: Volunteering
Literature: General: Books: Novellas
Literature: General: Books: Philosophical
Literature: General: Books: Secondhand/Used
Literature: Frost, Robert: Road Not Taken, The
Literature: Kundera, Milan: Unbearable Lightness of Being, The
Literature: Seuss, Dr: Lorax, The
Literature: Wharton, Edith: Ethan Frome
Miscellaneous: Concepts & Ideas: Existentialism
Music Miscellany: Genres: Acoustic
Mythology/Religion: Mythology: Greek: Antigone
Nature: Plants/Flowers/Herbs: Hawthorn
Nature: Plants/Flowers/Herbs: Roses: Yellow
Nature: Space/Sky: Planets: Pluto
People Miscellany: Language & Culture: Etymology
People Miscellany: Language & Culture: Language: Endangered/Extinct
People Miscellany: Language & Culture: Names
People Miscellany: Love & Relationships: Student/Teacher (Platonic)
Places: Countries/Nations: Bahamas, The
Places: Parks: USA: Pennsylvania: Philadelphia: Independence National Historical Park
Places: Parks: USA: District of Columbia: National Mall & Memorial Parks
Places: States/Provinces/Regions: USA: Connecticut
Places: States/Provinces/Regions: USA: New England
Places: Towns/Cities: USA: District of Columbia: Washington
Politics & Organisations: Miscellaneous: Political Science
Politics & Organisations: People: Kennedy, Sen. Edward (Ted) M.
Songs: Female Solo: Bareilles, Sara: Gravity
Songs: Female Solo: DiFranco, Ani: Not a Pretty Girl
State/Theatre: Plays: Miller, Arthur: Crucible, The