About the Collective

I became part of the TFL community in 2003 when I first started to join fanlistings. I only joined a dozen or so at first, but quickly found the listings to be completely addictive; by now, I've joined more than 300.

I got my first approval to open a fanlisting on August 25, 2007, when I was approved to open the Antigone fanlisting. I managed to fight off the urge to open more until October, when I submitted and was approved for the "Not a Pretty Girl" fanlisting. Then came a quick succession of others, and here I am now with 30+ fanlistings in more than a dozen different categories.

In January 2008, I was approved for my first three hatelistings with the relaunch of Hatelistings.net. While I'll always be more of a lover than a hater, I've had fun with hatelistings so far and love the ones that I have created, and I may even apply for some more in the future.

I don't simply create and join listings; I like to contribute in other ways. I donate buttons to other listings at least once a week, sometimes even if I'm not a member or don't particularly care for the subject. I love to affiliate with others about related subjects in order to help promote them. I try to spread the love in many ways.

So, why listings? For a lot of reasons. First, I just happen to think they're fun. It's neat to see how many fans for each subject can be found in countries all across the globe, and how those fans can unite to form their own groups. It gives me a chance to create my own little tributes to things that I love and celebrate. It helps me "meet" interesting people with shared interests. It even helps me to develop my web design skills, something which is useful in other areas of life as well.